Feb 152014

adversal PoPunder Ad Network
Very Hard To Get Approved (like AdSense & AdWords Rules and Terms)

Ad Network

Popunder Ads

ultralight aircraft features Alexa Global Rank : 5,000
Ad Networks  Payment Frequency Payment Frequency NET 35; This means that payment is issued 35 days after the end of the month
Ad Networks  Minimum Payment Minimum Payment $ 20
Ad Networks Payment Method Payment Method PayPal
Ad Networks Minimum traffic requirements Minimum traffic requirements having no minimum traffic requirements.
Are all websites accepted? Accepts any website? * Don’t Accepts all types of sites.
* Don’t Accept Adult Websites
* Don’t Accept Warez, DDL, MP3, Movie, Websites
Ad Networks Description Description Applying site:

must have been online and operational for at least one month
must have a functional layout and adequate design
must contain original content and comprise of at least two pages
must not contain excessive advertising
must not contain or link to adult content
must not be under construction or incomplete
must not lock, interfere, or manipulate with the browser or navigation
must not be associated with spam in any way, shape, or form
must not host or serve content that delivers viruses or malware
may not be, or participate in, any incentive based programs or paid-to operations (paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, paid-to-read, etc.)
may not artificially inflate impressions through any means, including automatically refreshing pages and/or ad placements
must not contain or participate in illegal, hate, or otherwise legally questionable activity. This includes, but is not limited to:
the use of excessive vulgar language
depictions or undertones of violence
providing such information as how to build home detonation devices, weapons, malicious hacking, cons/scams, etc.
endorsement of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
hosting of, or linking to, illegal/pirated content (warez, cracking, serials, distribution of copyrighted material, etc.)
and any other content that can be deemed legally questionable
may not be:
a traffic exchange
an image host
a file upload or sharing site
a URL shortening service
a proxy or proxy-related website
a toolbar, plugin, or other similar downloadable utility


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